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All About Exchange
SoFinX, a social platform where you exchange your knowledge; a trading platform where you exchange your money into financial instruments; a stage where you exchange your knowledge into extra income.

Worry-free socializing

You are still welcomed to share your portfolio no matter if you are winning or losing in your trades, your portfolio could be a reference too. More importantly, you earn more when others refer to your portfolio!

Low Capital?
There’s no capital requirement to join our social space. SoFinX plays a role in connecting retail traders and developing a positive impact on socialized trading. It provides a great opportunity for every single person to enter the market.

Less Capital Requirements

By working with a Prime of a prime, your capital requirements running your business will be as low as a retail FX broker. You dont have to be margined like Tier 1 Banks.

Deep Liquidity and Infrastructure

Insufficient profitability leads banks to reject your orders in a percentage as high as which leads slippage. Eliprime prevents the broker from that and helps to achieve deep liquidity and deal with real Market Makers via ECN venues.

Different Price Pools Enable to Customize

Technology driven brokers can route the flow by its size,speed and spread. According to your clients perspective, Eliprime can offer you the optimum pool for mutual interests between the broker and client.

Fast Execution,
Tight Spread,
Greater Opportunity
at Profitability

We are constantly deliver our clients deep market depth with the best price and execution.

Get Ready to Started?

Achieve future opportunities and mutual interest with Eliprime.

One of The Best

Support your business with technology driven FX clearing and ECN based liquidity pools. Muti-asset, deep liquidity which are linked to the market by fix to ensure quick execution of trading. 

Professional Clearing Services

With risk control aggregation, the clearing system can directly link with top-level liquidity, multi-level collection bidding, and diversified APIs.

Intelligent Hedging System

Developed for small and medium brokers, Our intelligent hedging system enable real-time monitoring net position and floating P&L.

Innovate Technology

Powerful and efficient technologies are the core of our business and can be tailored for specific customer needs.

Financial Analysis Report

Provides an in-depth performance evaluation for effective risk management, and flexible reporting tools that serves operational and regulatory needs.

One Account Access to Over 1,600 instruments

Trade CFDs on FX, commodities, indices, shares and ETF’s with Eliprime to take advantage of both rising and falling prices.



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