About Us

"Everyone has the impulse to be elite." - Alfre Woodard

Eliprime is a world-leading liquidity provider, provide institutional clients trading technology and services by our innovative liquidity engine, enable your clients to access the full range of OTC instruments including Forex and precious metals, CFD’s. With our reliable technology service and support to deliver a low-latency trading environment for producing better business outcomes.

Our Value

Excellent Execution

We dedicate on excellent execution for our clients, offer you a profitable opportunity to participate in a huge variety of financial markets, whether the price moving up or down.


We lead from the front, displaying our integrity and using facts to support our straight talk. We create an environment for positive change built on collaboration and trust.


Our world-class talent becomes part of our clients’ teams, innovating with them and putting the right technology to work for their organizations.


We work shoulder-to- shoulder with our clients to solve complex challenges in ways that minimize business risk and maximize opportunity.


With over 10 years experience, we excel at perceiving what customers will want next, and is continuously alert to everything going on across its operations all.